My son, Merritt, was born with a left clubbed foot and congenital shortening of his left leg. Our journey in understanding his conditions and in seeking the best possible treatments has definitely had its ups and downs. This blog is my way of sharing our experiences. It is my hope that similarly situated parents may use information on this page as a resource and as inspiration. Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Diapering a casted baby

So, here is one of the best tips I can give to a caregiver of a casted baby... DOUBLE DIAPER!

Before we started double diapering we had a leakage incident... oh man. That poop leaked right into his cast and the cast just soaked it up! So gross, I know, but I have to share in order to make my point. I went to get Merritt's cast changed the very next day - the earliest appointment I could arrange. He already had a little rash on his leg! It happens so quickly.

From then on, we double diapered. Basically, put on the first diaper and then a second. MAKE SURE the edges of the second diaper are on the outside of the first - offering an extra layer of protection. At some point, I started using a size larger on the outer diaper. You don't have to throw away the outer diaper every time you change the baby. Just if it gets leaked onto... which will happen!

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