My son, Merritt, was born with a left clubbed foot and congenital shortening of his left leg. Our journey in understanding his conditions and in seeking the best possible treatments has definitely had its ups and downs. This blog is my way of sharing our experiences. It is my hope that similarly situated parents may use information on this page as a resource and as inspiration. Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bath time

My favorite part of going to the doctor to get a new cast, was being able to bathe my baby boy. I had no shame, I walked right into that doctor's office with my baby bathtub in hand. I didn't care how much stuff I had to carry... diaper bag, breast pump, lunch for my toddler, whatever... I was bringing that tub!

Merritt's first bath was given in the doctor's office :)

TIP: Your baby's legs will be very sensitive from being in the casts. I used very gentle soap with no fragrance and a super soft washcloth. I never applied any lotions to his leg. What to bring to the visit: tub, two bath towels (just in case of a little squirt!), baby soap, washcloth, and 2 clean changes of clothes (sometimes putting the cast on can get really goopy.)

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