My son, Merritt, was born with a left clubbed foot and congenital shortening of his left leg. Our journey in understanding his conditions and in seeking the best possible treatments has definitely had its ups and downs. This blog is my way of sharing our experiences. It is my hope that similarly situated parents may use information on this page as a resource and as inspiration. Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dr. Paley to be on Fox!

I just received this email from Dr. Paley's office...

I thought that you might like to know that Dr. Paley will be featured tomorrow, (Thursday, Feb. 4) at 10:00 pm on Fox 29. This segment will highlight his work with a very special 4 year-old girl from Philadelphia. This patient was born with Congenital Femoral Deficiency resulting in a deformed hip and a significant limb length discrepancy. When she was born several doctors advised Eva’s parents to amputate her leg which would have resulted in a lifetime of artificial limbs. The results of Dr. Paley’s intervention are truly remarkable and this child eventually will have two legs of equal length.


  1. I will definately be watching tonight! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Sounds like Dr. Paley might be a true miracle worker! Hopefully he will have similar success with Merritt! How amazing is it that he relocated just when you needed him...

    And good luck on that bar exam! Once upon a time, in a previous life, I used to teach LSAT test prep (ahhh - the good ol days - remember those logic games?)...